Best cough remedy

Turn Your Natural Cough Remedies into the Best Cough Remedy

The Best Cough Remedy and Cure for Sore Throat

Failed by even the best remedy for cough? It’s time to change your home natural remedies for cough into the best cough remedy!!! Our brand new nutraceutical for cough and sore throat is called TRACWELL.

Best Cough Remedy

There are 2 specialties about this nutraceutical (dietary supplement). First of all, it is a cough spray and finally, it is made out of kitchen ingredients. Our sore throat supplement contains natural remedies for cough treatment such as Turmeric (HALDI), Honey (SHEHAD) and MENTHOL (PUDINA PATTA).

Beat all Remedies for Sore Throat with our Best Cough Remedy

The motto of Neiss Wellness nutraceuticals is same – NATURAL HOME REMEDIES ARE GOOD BUT NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS ARE BEST. Nutraceuticals or dietary supplements are made out of regular food sources with a lot of formatting done to them. Consequently, they are more effective.

In this cough supplement for instance, foods like Turmeric, Honey and Mint undergoes industrial processing. Out of their crude format evolves something more refined. We have used nanotechnology in TRACWELL.

So from Turmeric we do not just extract curcumin and put it in our sore throat supplement but do the same using Nanocurcumin. Therefore, our “haldi” is more

1. Soluble
2. Deliverable
3. Target specific
4. Fast in treatment
5. Usable

In the same way, the other ingredients used in TRACWELL are also industrially processed to make it the best cough remedy.

TRACWELL: The Best Cough Remedy for Winter Health

Cough and other sore throat problems occur more in Winter LINK WINTER BLOG HERE because the bacteria causing throat infection breeds more in the cold. Even the best to best cough medicine for kids sell highest in this season. But why take any best cough medicine when you can do better?

Best Cough Remedy

TRACWELL is the best cough remedy as it is NATURAL, SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Due to the fact that it is a cough spray, it also easy to carry and smart to use. The best of all sore throat remedies is truly pocket-friendly – DESIGNED TO FIT BOTH INSIDE YOUR POCKET AND FOR YOUR POCKET.

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