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Best Food for UTI and UTI Relief – Cranberry

Cranberry – Best Food for UTI

Cranberries contain strong anti-UTI properties. This is why they are known as the best food for UTI. Urinary tract infections are worst if they get recurrent. Yes UTI is a chronic health problem, which means this is a type of infection that does not stop once and for all, even after the right UTI medication.

Foods for UTI are the best UTI remedies because antibiotics for UTI have many side-effects. Their UTI treatment methods are temporary. UTI medication gets rid of the E. coli bacteria but they return to cause recurrent UTI.

Get UTI Relief from the Best Food for UTI

Some of the good foods for UTI are:

  • Pineapple
  • Probiotics
  • Vitamin C
  • Lemon juice
  • Baking soda
  • Water

But all these food products don’t contain what cranberries contain. Cranberry is the best food for UTI treatment because it has dual action.

Action 1:

Cranberries bring into effect their special anti-adhesive property. Their non-sticky nature prevents bacteria from hooking on to the walls of the urinary tract. E. coli bacteria have fimbriae that attach themselves to the urinary tract. So cranberries cancel this attachment between bacteria and body, which is the root cause of UTI infection. This scientific defence makes cranberries the best food for UTI.

Action 2:

This UTI remedy contains a nutrient called D-mannose. As opposed to cranberry’s anti-sticky nature, D-mannose contains an adhesive property. It wraps itself around bacteria, thus forming a coat. This causes urine to wash away bacteria easily out of the body.

Cranberry Food for UTI – The Most Permanent Solution

UTI treatment involving antibiotics for UTI relief offers a remedy that is not permanent. The bacteria keeps coming back. Constant use of UTI medicine also makes the bacteria unresponsive after a few cases of urinary tract infection.

Cranberry capsules contain cranberry, which are only foods for UTI. Because cranberries are natural remedies for UTI, they do not have the negative impact that invites bacteria back to the body. Regular supplementation of this food for UTI offers a remedy that is more permanent than other antibiotics.

This kind of remedy requires a duration that is long, so has an effect that is even longer. Comment your views below!

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