Best Indian Nutraceutical Company

Best Indian Nutraceutical Company – Neiss Wellness (India) Limited

Best Indian Nutraceutical Company

Neiss Wellness (India) Limited is the best Indian Nutraceutical Company because of 2 key reasons –

  1. Vast Range of Nutraceuticals
  2. Intelligently Designed Nutraceuticals to Suit the Needs of Modern Healthcare

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Top Nutraceutical Company in India

The top nutraceutical company in India – Neiss Wellness (India) Limited – is the wellness division of its parent company – Neiss Labs Limited. It has been 6 years since Neiss has been a master player in the Indian Nutraceutical Industry. Yes, Neiss Wellness was launched in 2011.

Over the years, Neiss has developed its nutraceuticals strongly and steadily. Our wellness brands our one-of-a-kind and never-seen-before products. This is why, we are rightly called the best Indian nutraceutical company. Most of our launches have surprised the Indian Nutraceutical Industry with natural formulations that have never been discovered before.

Our pioneer nutraceuticals such as Groscal, Joint Joy, Tracwell, Real Grass, etc. contain extremely innovative compositions. Who would have ever thought that a spray can suppress a cough? Or that seeds combined with cereal grasses can delay signs of aging?

Neiss’ scientific brains have done what they are best at – introducing the few top nutraceuticals of India. Our products are a mark of our proficiency. They come in almost all delivery forms –

  1. Nutraceutical tablets
  2. Nutraceutical softgels
  3. Nutraceutical protein powders
  4. Nutraceutical sachets

And the most unique one so far –

  1. Nutraceutical spray

Avail the Best Indian Nutraceuticals Easily

The most convenient way to buy wellness products in India is online shopping. Our online portal offers nutraceuticals from the best Indian nutraceutical company – Neiss Wellness (India) Limited. Besides this, we are also available on the top wellness selling online portals in India.

You can also reach our stockists in your local area if you wish to avail a particular Neiss nutraceutical. For any assistance, call us on (022) 3324 3311. We are guest-friendly, as customers are the real health and wealth for a best Indian nutraceutical company like Neiss Wellness (India) Limited.

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