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Sildenafil Tablets – the Best Male Enhancement Pills?

Sildenafil* tablets are pharmaceutical male enhancement products. They are mainly recommended for ED treatment. However, Neiss Wellness (India) Limited, being a top nutraceutical company, opines otherwise.

After incredible incidents of research on male infertility treatment, we discuss in this nutraceutical health article the top reasons why men should finally stop mistaking sildenafil tablets as the best male enhancement pills.

Sildenafil Tablets vs Natural Male Enhancement Pills

Viagra tablet is the most common sildenafil used by men as male enhancement products. But the reality is that sildenafil acts only like a bandage fix. It is nothing more than a temporary solution. Sildenafil and such other PDE5 inhibitors work on the science of quick action.

ED (erectile dysfunction) occurs when adequate blood is not able to flow into the penile tissues. So sildenafil multiplies the speed of blood flow. Blood gushes forth into the male organ and an ED problem is apparently “fixed”. But how fast should the blood flow? Sildenafil tablets leave this question unanswered.

  • ED Problem
    ED Problem
  • Male Infertility
    Male Infertility

Sildenafil tablets are not able to regulate the blood flow. They make it fast, but if the speed exceeds the normal limit, it could play havoc with blood pressure. Excessive sildenafil can cause low blood pressure. Therefore, it is an absolute no to people suffering from any kind of heart problems. It may also react with other drugs to worsen the scenario.

Natural male enhancement pills on the other hand come with a regulator for this speed of blood flow. They moderate the amount of blood that flows for ED treatment. They also do not interact with other drugs and food, so are safe for consumption.

Herbal Male Enhancement Supplement – Other Benefits

WHOLETIME is not like every other herbal male enhancement supplement. The 6 most powerful ingredients for male infertility treatment and ED treatment find their way into it. Our best male enhancement pills actively support** in

  1. Increasing testosterone levels naturally
  2. Improving sperm quality and quantity
  3. ED treatment
  4. Male infertility

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*Sildenafil is a PDE5 Inhibitor. Male enhancement pills most popular known by the brand name Viagra fall under this category
**Supplements/nutraceuticals are not meant to cure or treat a disease

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