Build Your Child’s Immunity with Multimineral and Multivitamin Gummies

Immunity is a unique aspect of the human body. No matter how much you seem to know about it, the lesser it actually it! This brings me to ask you one million dollar question – HOW AWARE ARE YOU ABOUT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM?

Why we are so concerned about your knowledge is simple. If you are not adequately informed, what good can you do to your child? Immunity is that biological factor that can be built in the childhood alone. You cannot particularly strengthen your immunity as an adult.

And this is why diet is an important feature of childhood. Nutrition provides such miracles to your child’s health that nothing else can substantiate. But children come with their own package of whims and fancies.

They create their own world of choices, which even you, as adults, find difficult to penetrate. Food habits occupy a huge part of this castle of their choices. Their selective food preferences builds in them a nutritional gap.

Inadequate nutrition fails to build in them a constructive immunity. Cells of the immune system work by engulfing foreign entities. They swallow up any bacteria or virus that may seem alien to them. This is their mechanism of combat against the invasion of any bacteria or virus.

When a disease ensue, these cells get activated to imbibe the estranged particles. Their every trace inside your body gets wiped off. But if these cells are not fed with adequate nutrition, they cannot muster the strength to perform. They are unable to conduct their encompassing activity.

This is why MWH NOURISHTRA is here. Its brand of JUNIOR GUMMIES named MULTIVITAMIN AND MINERAL is the ideal diet plan for children. Our gummy multivitamin and multimineral is fortified with exactly those nutrients that assist in building your child’s immunity. They help bridge that nutritional gap that shapes up due to his fussy eating habits.

Our nutritious gummies contain Vitamin A, B6, B9, C, D, E, iodine, magnesium, sodium and zinc. These are also the top 10 vitamins and minerals for overall growth and development in children (This link guides you toward more information on each of these nutrients). They collectively help build your child’s immune system. Of course, they possess other health benefits as well (information contained in the above link).

This vast array of nutrients are available in the most delectable form – gummies made with pectin. Natural fruit colors and flavors add on to the benefits of our multimineral and multivitamin gummies for children.

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