Cough Treatment

Here is the Best Cough Treatment for your Junior and You

Cough Treatment for Kids

Children fall prey to cough most easily. Firstly, their immune system is not fully developed yet. Secondly, they are less careful about the spread of germs from one person to another. Being full of playfulness and with a lesser sense of disgust, children are greater agents of bacteria transfer than adults.

More they interact with others, more are their chances of falling ill. Cough spreads with the growth of “strep” bacteria. Coming in direct contact with mucus is the main way through which these bacteria grow and cause cough. So, antibiotics / anti-bacterials are the sharpest weapons of cough treatment.

Cough Syrup for Kids

But like sharp weapons hurt while executing its task, such cough treatment involving cough medicine for kids treats but with side-effects. The most common cough treatment is a cough syrup.

Cough Treatment for Kids

Chronic Sore Throat Medicine like Cough Syrup can also cause:

  • Drowsiness or Dizziness
  • Impaired Alertness
  • Unclear Vision
  • Nausea
  • Wobbly Walking
  • Shallow Breathing
  • Unusual Excitement or a Sense of Irritability

Such symptoms are more dangerous for a child than an adult because they are at a growing stage. Their attentiveness, concentration and energy are crucial for their learning, whether it is at school or play. So at this moment if the child is in a state of sleepiness, it is unproductive. Drowsiness at school or low energy at play, both hinder a child’s growth and development.

Cough Treatment or Natural Cough Remedies?

So what do you think is the best remedy for cough? Would you choose cough syrup for kids as chronic sore throat medicine? Or be wise to choose natural remedies? Well, one drawback about home remedies might be their efficacy. But what when you have both natural home remedies and the science of medicines combined in one???

TRACWELL cough supplement is a combination of both these concerns. It contains basic kitchen ingredients like Turmeric, Mint and Honey yet powered with NANOTECHNOLOGY. TRACWELL also contains the antioxidant NAC.

Best Cough Remedy



To top it all, this nutraceutical comes in the form of a cough spray…. a cough spray in India that has never been heard of before. Neiss Wellness (India) Limited brings to India a new concept in healthcare.

TRACWELL is a revolution. Don’t just believe us. Feel it, Know it –

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