Food & Nutrition Plans to Keep Healthy this Monsoon

Food & Nutrition Plans to Keep Healthy this Monsoon

Nutritional Tips to Stay Healthy in Monsoon Season

Monsoon is the harbinger of happiness. All we look forward to, is a shower of joy and mirth. This is why it is most important that we stay healthy in monsoon season. As in the absence of diet plans incur to health, how could you possibly make the most out of it!

After exploring 5 health tips for monsoons, it is now time to venture into one of the most lucrative areas of lifestyle: food. Food comes in many shapes and sizes. The monsoon season shares a special connection with it. This is why it demands us to be cautious about their true colors.

Best Nutrition Diet Plans for Monsoons

  1. Cranberries –

Sanitation is one of the major concerns of monsoon. Unhygienic conditions prosper as rains promote growth and transfer of germs. Urinary tract infections can reach their peak as a water is conducive to motion. A wet surface helps UTI-causing viruses to enter into the urinary tract more easily.

Once bacteria enters into the tract, they attach themselves to the inner walls, and begin multiplying which leads to urine infection. Their tendency to regenerate makes UTI more severe. This is where cranberries come to the rescue. Nourish yourself with cranberries as ingredients inside cranberries throw an anti-adhesive attitude towards these bacteria. Since they are not able to hold on to the urinary walls, they get easily flushed out of the system.

2. Papaya Leaf Juice –

Other than bacteria, monsoon is also the best time for mosquitoes. Collected rainwater stales itself gradually. It becomes the breeding space for mosquitoes. This leads to an increase in mosquito-borne diseases. Cases of viral fevers like dengue and malaria soar high. In fact, Mumbai has ranked 2nd in dengue cases in Maharashtra.

Dengue results in an unfortunate fall in Blood platelets count. Carica papaya leaf is the most renowned herbal blood platelets booster helps to enhance the low platelets level.

3. Turmeric, Honey and Mint –

Our body acts in funny ways. One of its strongest defense mechanisms is mucus. Mucus gathers in the respiratory tract to entrap the bacteria that have entered into your body. But on prolonged stay, mucus begins to result in congestion. Your nose begins to block, and cough becomes imminent.

How to Cure a Sore Throat? Turmeric could act wonders for sore throat remedies. That, combined with honey and mint, offer a soothing effect to the throat. They help mucus get expelled out of your system with conveyance.

4. Vitamin D-rich Food –

Monsoon season generally results in clouded sunshine. With inadequate sunshine reaching your skin, you fail to produce enough vitamin D. Bones tend to weaken, and chances of osteoporosis may approach sooner than expected.

Green leafy vegetables are a must to include in your nutrition plans. They are rich in Vitamin D. As a result, dietary sources make up for the unmanufactured vitamin D.


Follow the above nutritional tips to stay healthy in monsoon season. You could also check out our wide range of nutraceutical supplements. Our products Cranwell, Platigro, Tracwell and Nourishtra Vitamin D are luxurious in the nourishment mentioned above. You can buy our nutraceuticals at

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