International Women’s Day

Women Health Issues: A Hindrance in Progress | International Women’s Day Special

International Women’s Day

Did you know International Women’s Day was originally celebrated as International Working Women’s Day? So what really changed that had to dissolve the significance of one whole emergent class of humans? Is it true that working women lost their value before the whole perception of womanhood in general?

Well, no! The real reason is that women began to progress so much with time that started becoming lesser and lesser important as to which woman is working outside or which woman is not. Who works white collar or blue collar or at home got no more important. What’s the real value is that she’s a woman – and every woman needs a mutually-exclusive health care method.

This Women’s Day, Neiss Wellness discusses top women health issues and a few women health tips. We aspire to serve mankind better by nurturing those species who are the nurturers of mankind themselves.

Every woman is a busy woman in the 21st century. But they have become so busy is their daily schedule, attending to their various priorities, that they hardly have any time left to look after themselves. Essentials like diet, exercise, sleep go missing! This is why women health issues are a major subject in healthcare today. Here, we discuss top 5 health issues in middle or upper middle class women in India today –

International Women’s Day | Women Health Issue 1: Osteoporosis / Arthritis

Bone weakening is no more a health concern of only middle aged women. Due to lack of proper nutrition, low bone density has seeped into women even at the onset of 30 years. Arthritis / osteoarthritis is rampant in women these days.

You see women either at home attending to their family or at workplace attending to their career. Their time for outdoor activities is steadily diminishing. Low exposure to the sun has become mainly responsible for unhealthy bones and joints in women today.

International Women’s Day | Women Health Issues 2: Obesity –

India has more than 30 million obese people, and the problem is more acute in women than in men. 23% of Indian women are either overweight or obese. This figure is more than that of men, which is 20% (1). In other words, out of Indian women, 23% are obese, and out of Indian men, 20% are obese.

The main reason for these weight-related problems are by default eating high-energy foods and sedentary lifestyle. This particular women health issue has brought Indian health experts at a standstill because on one hand we address malnutrition in the lower stratum and on the other hand, obesity in the upper strata.

International Women’s Day | Women Health Issues 3: Anemia –

To be accurate, 59% women are anemic in India. 72.12% of anemia cases are reported from the Eastern region alone. 45%2 women from West India have alarmingly low haemoglobin levels. Do you feel tired even before your day begins? You could be suffering from anemia too!

Fatigue is one of the major symptoms of this women health issue. Because of the extraordinarily large amount of work women need to perform today, their heart is unable to pump enough blood. She needs more blood to do more work. But does heart have all that strength?

International Women’s Day | Women Health Issues 4: Maternal Health –

Employment is doubtlessly a boon to women. Women employees have really travelled a long way to achieve their strong foothold in the society. Today they are able to contribute to private and public sectors at par with men and with their head held high.

Moreover, women in India particularly, seek to strike the balance between work and home, as they give equal priority to their role as a mother. Here unknowingly, they are pulled into a mesh of undernourishment, which has become one of the top women health issues.

Women enter into a lot of health problems during and after pregnancy. Because they lack time or energy to take care of their own health while attending to others, they end up in a battle to give natural nourishment to their fetus / baby / infant.

International Women’s Day | Women Health Issues 5: Depression –

Gender inequality has had a long and gruesome history. There were times when women had no recognition in the society. Although today, women’s presence is fundamental in every face of the society, their history of suppression has apparently left a scar.

Many institutions have yet not recovered from their dominance over women. Therefore, in many walks of their life, women are subjected to

  • Low self-esteem
  • Emptiness in oneself
  • Feeling of guilt and worthlessness
  • Social withdrawal and agitation
  • Difficulty in concentration and taking decisions

There is chronic depression in women, and long term depression can even result in suicide.

Addressing Women Health Care this International Women’s Day

Being a top nutraceutical company, Neiss Wellness (India) Limited has always preached that YOUR HEALTH CONCERN IS OUR CONCERN. But very few know that women’s health concern is our greater concern. Because we believe that if we are not able to protect the bearers of the world, how can we sustain it?

So, introducing Women Health Care Products by NWIL. Nutraceuticals belonging to this category are especially designed to suit the healthcare needs of women. Our products include –


In our next health article, we will discuss how each of these women health care nutraceuticals help prevent their respective women health issues. Stay tuned for more!

(1) – Overweight and Obesity among Women by Economic Stratum in Urban India
(2) TOI – 59% Indian women are anaemic: Study

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