Top Nutraceutical Company in India

Top Nutraceutical Company in India – Neiss Wellness (India) Limited

Best Wellness Company in India

Neiss Wellness (India) Limited is a Mumbai-based top Nutraceutical company. It ranks among the best Indian wellness companies. The core reason that makes NEISS best is its top-class Nutra portfolio.

Nutraceuticals enjoy an edge over pharma drugs as they are derived from natural sources. They are developed through substances in the nature that are of specific use to the human body. What makes Neiss Wellness a top Nutraceutical company in India is its expertise in identification of most unique sources.

From Nutrients to Nutraceuticals

The word “Nutraceuticals” is self-explanatory.
Nutra + Ceuticals = Nutraceuticals
“Nutra” refers to Nutrients;
“Ceuticals” refer to a range of products that are designed to work in or on the body.
Therefore, Nutraceuticals very easily refer to nutrients, which are the components found in natural food sources. Top Nutraceutical Company: Neiss Wellness’ rich experience in formulation development enables it to produce best-in-class wellness brands. Neiss today owns 24 Nutraceuticals that are masters in their own niche therapeutic spaces.

Neiss Nutraceuticals operate in the following therapies:

  • Amino Acid Supplement (1 Nutraceutical)
  • Anti-aging (1 Nutraceutical)
  • Bones and Joints (5 Nutraceuticals)
  • Cough (1 Nutraceutical)
  • Heart and Cholesterol (2 Nutraceuticals)
  • Liver (2 Nutraceuticals)
  • Eye (1 Nutraceutical)
  • Energy (1 Nutraceutical)
  • Multivitamin (1 Nutraceutical)
  • UTI (1 Nutraceutical)
  • Platelets (1 Nutraceutical)
  • Omega-3 (1 Nutraceutical)
  • Protein Deficiency (3 Nutraceuticals)
  • Male Sexual Health (1 Nutraceutical)
  • Sleep (1 Nutraceutical)
  • Weight Loss (1 Nutraceutical)

Best Indian Wellness Brands: Right at your Doorstep

Neiss Wellness is the best wellness company in India with the best wellness brands. It is a customer-focused company having delivery facilities in pan-India. Our Nutraceutical Online Shopping Portal houses all our wellness brands.

Shop Now to experience hassle-free shopping of best Indian wellness brands right from your home anywhere in India. Reach us on (022) 3324 3311 for any assistance. We are the best Nutraceutical Company in India.

Try us to believe us!!!

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