Get Rid of Summer Cold Symptoms with the Help of Kitchen Ingredients

Catching a cold in the summer season somehow just doesn’t feel right. During the days when the sun is burning at its peak, who would ever imagine that an episode of common cold could be on its way!

A summer cold could possibly owe its occurrence to over 200 different viruses. They are like horses on blinkers that straightaway infect the upper region of the respiratory tract. It is this inflammation that leads to a summer cold.

The main symptom of it is congestion. Because the virus infects your respiratory tract, mucus mainly accumulates in the chest and throat region. This makes nasal and lung congestion the major symptom of summer cold.

How to Prevent Symptoms of Summer Cold

The good news is that congestion symptom of summer cold is preventable. NWIL’s brand new formulation, TRACWELL, contains kitchen ingredients such as turmeric extract, honey and mint. It in fact gets the upper hand as these very integrants undergo industrial processing. Out of their crude format evolves a more refined version.

1. Nanocurcumin –

Coarse kitchen turmeric is composed of curcumin, which has proven itself as an anti-inflammatory agent. But unfortunately, the absorption of curcumin is very poor. This is why TRACWELL uses nanocurcumin instead of the generic form. We have transformed curcumin into nanoparticles in order to increase their efficacy. Nanocumin is more

A. Soluble
B. Deliverable
C. Targetful towards tissues
D. Fast in treatment
E. Usable

2. Honey –

It increases bio-availability of nanocurcumin by slowing down its passage through the trachea. Honey also helps withdraw water from inflammed tissue. In this way, it aids ease down swelling and discomfort of the throat.

3. Menthol –

Your kitchen herb, mint, contains an active ingredient called menthol. It works by breaking down mucus. This pro-throat compound possesses anesthetic and calming properties. Therefore in this manner, menthol offers relief from throat irritation.

4. N-acetyl cysteine -NAC is a renowned antimucus. Swiss researchers have actually observed it to be even helpful in chronic bronchitis. NAC acts by liquefying the mucus, thus enabling its easy expulsion.

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