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UTI Treatment with Cranberry Capsules – Fact or Myth?

UTI Causes, UTI Symptoms and UTI Treatment

UTI treatment mainly eradicates E. coli bacteria. Most important of all UTI causes is unhygienic sanitary conditions. E. coli bacteria is found in human faeces. Once they enter into the urinary tract, these UTI infection causing bacteria begin to multiply rapidly.

They attach themselves firmly to the urinary wall lining, thus resulting in a UTI. Oral UTI treatment usually works for the below UTI causes:

  1. Bladder infection
  2. Frequent intercourse
  3. Unhygienic lifestyle
  4. Contraceptive measures such as spermicides and tampons
  5. Kidney stones
  6. Disrupted flow of urine
  7. Lifetime diseases like Diabetes

The most common of all UTI symptoms is the urge for frequent urination. Other symptoms of a UTI are

  • Bloody/cloudy urine
  • Pain/burn during urination
  • Constant urge to urinate
  • Strong pungent smell during urination
  • Abdominal pain

Cranberry Capsules for UTI Treatment

Cranberries have great anti-UTI properties. They restrict E. coli bacteria from sticking to the urinary wall. Because they are no more able to hold on to the urinary tract, their UTI infection causing tendency reduces drastically.

Cranberries help in UTI cure also because of their component called D-mannose. Against the above mentioned anti-adhesive property, D-mannose has rather causes adhesion. It is itself adhesive and so, easily forms a coating around the bacteria.

With this sticky material over themselves, these UTI infection causing bacteria become denser, thus allowing themselves to be washed out smoothly when something fluid comes their way…like say…urine! Yes, cranberry capsules / supplements help in UTI treatment also by enabling easy flushing out of the bacteria.

UTI Treatment with Cranberry Capsules: Summary

So, we have seen how cranberry supplements work towards urinary infection treatment.

  1.  Cranberries offer anti-adhesive properties to stop bacteria from sticking to urinary walls
  2. They cling on to these UTI infection causing bacteria to let urine flush them out easily

Cranberries contain a nutrient named D-mannose. It is this unique component that hugs on to the bacteria for the double effect on UTI treatment.

Best Cranberry Capsules for Recurrent UTI Treatment

CRANWELL is a novel composition in the field of nutraceuticals. As against normal cranberry supplements, NWIL’s premium cranberry capsules contain extra amounts of D-mannose. This has a better impact on UTI treatment as it exhibits a dual effect to prevent UTI infection.

E. coli bacteria do not just remain suspended due to cranberries, but are also easily flushed out of the system. Our cranberry capsules are safe to use even on prolonged consumption and do not have the common problems as that of antibiotics UTI treatment.

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