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Live Healthy this Winter | Nutraceutical for Sore Throat

Survive Sore Throat Problem this Winter

With winter round the corner, health of many has already started getting worse. Every now and then, the sound of a cough pops into our ear. Man, woman and child – neither has a respite from this phenomenon called sore throat. Cough, throat pain, throat irritation, scratchy throat, throat infection and all such throat problems seem to double up during winter.

The most common reason for a sore throat is throat infection. A kind of bacteria named “strep bacteria” is the main cause. Cases of these strep bacteria are reported to rise during winter and children are their easiest target.

Winter Sore Throat in Children

Sore throat spreads more commonly through people as throat infection is contagious. This is why school going children suffer the most. For them, unwashed hands are the major agent. If they forget to use a kerchief for cover while sneezing or coughing, the bacteria stick to their skin, especially their hands, in the form of droplets. They spread to one another very easily.

Symptoms of sore throat –

  1. Scratchy or choked sensation in throat
  2. Severe pain while swallowing
  3. Throat pain while talking
  4. Swelling and redness inside throat
  5. White substance like accumulation inside throat
  6. Hoarse voice

Among adults as well, people who spend more time in crowded places seem to suffer more. This issue is probably more common in India as the population here is forever on the rise. People who travel more or visit places that are crowded, have more chances of contracting a sore throat.

Get Smart with your Sore Throat Problem

Crowd can also be a problem for sore throat in another way. For example if you are in a very important meeting and a cough is on your way, how long would you suppress it? Would you even be willing to present your cough syrup and take a sip of it?

Oh, what a mess with all that stickiness!

Worse, imagine yourself on the edge of giving your speech. Would you be willing to bore your audience while you give yourself the luxury of coughing till your throat is satisfied?

TRACWELL is the best help in a condition such as this. This nutraceutical is a sore throat supplement that comes in the form of a spray. It is very handy and easy to use no matter where you are.

Whether you are amidst darkness in a cinema hall,

amidst the crowd while travelling,

or amidst 10 other people in a meeting,

TRACWELL is the best anti-cough support that you can use. Its one spray is enough to relieve you from your sore throat problem. To know more about this nutraceutical, read –  how it works and what are its components.

How to Use: Spray TRACWELL little deep inside the mouth so that it reaches the throat region.

Recommended Dosage: 1-3 times per day

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